Listing a property for sale isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Sure, it really only requires you uploading some photos and providing information — but you want to follow through to ensure it sells. When it comes to commercial real estate, selling can sometimes be more difficult because it takes a lot of money, great timing, and an ideal location.

That’s where our real estate brokerage, UNIQUE Florida Properties, can help you. We’re commercial brokers who have the experience, reputation, and dependability you should always look for in a real estate brokerage. Read below to see what commercial properties we can help you sell, and then contact us today to work with a real estate brokerage in Florida that you can trust.

Hospitality Properties

Whether the property you want to list is a hotel, motel, or another commercial property in the hospitality industry, we can help. We have extensive experience with listing hotels and motels for sale throughout Florida, and we will lend this expertise to your sale. You should always work with a real estate broker who has experience with your specific type of property.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are lucrative investment properties, but if it’s time for you to sell or lease a gas station in Florida, then UNIQUE Florida Properties is the real estate brokerage for you. Selling a gas station is a unique business move that will require expertise and an understanding of the nuances and legal requirements for both selling and leasing.

Multifamily Living Complexes

Commercial real estate listings are often filled with multifamily living complexes — and for good reason. While they are wonderful investment properties, they can require a lot of time and work. On top of this, they’re such good investment properties that they’re likely to sell relatively fast. Whatever your reasons for selling your multifamily living complex in Florida, we can help.

Off-Market Properties

An off-market property is a home or piece of commercial real estate not listed in the MLS. By selling your property off the market, you as the owner can make more profit, reach a faster closing, and deal with less hassle and stress. Sounds like a win-win, right? It is when you work with a real estate brokerage that has experience selling off-market properties (specifically commercial real estate properties).

Distressed REO Properties

Real estate owned (REO) refers to foreclosed-upon real estate. “Distressed” refers to when the borrower or owner misses mortgage payments. If you have a distressed property you would like to sell, then UNIQUE Florida Properties can help you to do so fast and with relative ease, so you can stop losing more money and suffering from financial problems.

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If you would like to list a property for sale in Florida, then you can count on us. If it’s a commercial property you don’t see on this list, then contact us! Our real estate brokerage may still be able to help. Get started with our commercial real estate brokerage today!