If you have a commercial building that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, it can be extremely difficult to have to part ways with it. Though it may be a difficult decision to make, you don’t want your last memory of this special place to be with a hard to deal with realtor or the wrong buyer.

When it comes time for you to part ways with your commercial building, the team at UNIQUE Florida Properties is here to help. We have years of experience in the industry and can help ensure that your selling experience goes smoothly. In today’s blog, we’ll cover a few of the property types that the team at UNIQUE Florida Properties can assist you with.

Hotels & Motels

One of the more common properties that we have some experience selling is hotels and motels. Here in Florida, hotels make up a large amount of the commercial building real estate as is. From smaller family owned hotels and ten-room motels to the larger resorts, our team can assist with getting your hotel on the market.

Depending on the history of your hotel, whether or not it’s a chain, the area that it’s in and the clientele that you have, the selling process could be remarkably easier. We can also work with you if you’re looking to make this a turn-key process where all of the materials inside of your home, the information of prior clients, and business supplies can be a part of the sale. If nothing else, our team can point out all of the selling points and make the process a breeze.

Gas Stations

While they aren’t the most common commercial building to pop into your head, gas stations make up a large amount of the commercial spaces that we can provide assistance with. These commercial spaces are a safe option for individuals looking for a commercial building that will be lucrative for them, making them a pleasure for us to sell.

Whether you’ve built this gas station from the ground up and have made it something of your own or it’s a popular truck stop, our team will help find the selling points to make the process of passing on your gas station to the next buyer a little bit easier.

Multi-Family Properties

Being a landlord is a tough job, and when you’ve had to play the role of a landlord for multiple families or tenants for years on end, you can get tired. If you’re currently the owner of a multi-family property in the state of Florida, and you’re ready for your next chapter, the team at UNIQUE Florida Properties can help.

Given that this is a living space for more than one family, you want to make sure that you’re selling to the right person — someone that will take good care of the property and the individuals living there. Our team can help ensure that this happens for you.

Commercial Spaces

The different buildings that we’ve listed above make up a good portion of the properties that we can help you sell, but we don’t stop there. Commercial buildings can vary in shape and size, but also in purpose. While you may have looked at a building and seen one clear use for it, there may be someone else that sees something completely different.

If you’re ready to sell the commercial space that you own, our team can help. Given that there are so many factors that can make a commercial space appealing and there are business owners and dreamers that can turn the space into exactly what they need, the possibilities are endless. Let our team be the ones to help you sell your commercial building when you’re no longer in need of it.

Let UNIQUE Florida Properties Help

When you’re ready to put your commercial building on the market, let the team at UNIQUE Florida Properties help. Reach out to our team and let us know more about the property that you’re looking to sell and we will set up a time to come up with a strategy. From pointing out the perks of the property to finding qualified buyers, let our team of real estate brokers do the hard work for you. Contact us today to get started.