The typical image that comes to mind when someone thinks about an industrial building is a big, open space. There are usually very few rooms inside of these buildings, and that’s because they’re often intended for big projects and big equipment. Whether you’re considering placing an industrial building on the market or you’re interested in purchasing an industrial building, you need to be aware of the different classifications that these buildings have.

In today’s blog, we are going to touch on the various classifications associated with industrial buildings so that you can narrow down the different buildings that you’re interested in looking at. On the other hand, if you’re selling your industrial building, we want to make sure that you fully understand what separates your building from other industrial buildings prior to placing it on the market. Keep reading to get a better idea of the different classifications.

Bulk Warehouse

As we mentioned earlier, open space is one of the many things that first come to mind when people think about industrial buildings. A perk to this large open space is that it can hold quite a bit. That’s why many people utilize industrial buildings as a bulk warehouse for their business.

While this is one of the many uses that people make of industrial buildings, it’s also one of the many classifications. These industrial buildings are usually large and are used to store bulk inventory as well as distribute it. Industrial buildings that fit into this category are often designed for both storage and distribution, which is why using this classification when searching for a building or when placing your industrial building on the market is so important.


Open space is great for housing inventory and serving as a distribution center, but large open areas are also great for manufacturing. These types of productions require lots of large equipment, which is why the overall space is so crucial.

If you’re someone looking for a specific manufacturing building, it’s always good to make a note of the type of manufacturing equipment that you will need or that you’re hoping to find in the building. As someone selling an industrial building, it’s worth looking into what the real estate process looks like for the specific industry so that you can get an idea if selling the equipment with the building would be beneficial. Otherwise, you may want to consider selling off your equipment individually and selling the industrial building separately.

Light Assembly

This classification of industrial buildings is extremely beneficial because there isn’t as much customization to the building itself, making it easier for buyers to make what they’d like of it. Most often, these spaces are used for assembling products as well as storage. The best part is that since there is little customization within these types of industrial buildings, there’s a lot of opportunities for you to make what you’d like of the space. The best part is that this can come in the form of products or in mail-out orders that need to be packaged.

Combination Industrial

The last classification of industrial buildings that we are going to talk about is a combination building that is also called a Flex industrial building. The reasoning behind this classification is because there is a combination of open space and offices within the industrial building. These types of industrial buildings are prevalent because of the opportunity to make the most of all the space that the building offers.

Given that there is a combination of both open and office space within these types of industrial buildings, the buyer of the building has a lot of opportunities to make what they’d like of the building. Whether they choose to use it as a small storage area or a light assembly space, they have the option, and that’s invaluable.

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