It can sometimes seem like the sharing economy is taking over everything: from hotels to taxis to food delivery, the sharing economy has offered Airbnb, ride sharing, simplified deliveries, and more. While hotels are still immensely popular, Airbnb has certainly taken a portion of the market with its sharing economy model.

Now consumers can simply hop online and reserve a spot in someone’s home, giving them a prime location, authentic experience, and the touches of home. Hotels aren’t without perks, of course, but many — including millennials — aren’t participating in the hotel industry in quite the same way as they did years ago. If you’re looking for hotels for sale in Florida, though, you’re not without hope.

You can still browse real estate property for sale in Florida and dream of your hotel that will stand out and draw in customers — you’ll just have to plan for how to handle Airbnb’s influence. If you are in the market for real estate property for sale, then UNIQUE Florida Properties can help. With our help, you can successfully buy a hotel in Florida and reach your business goals. Read below for tips on standing out in the age of Airbnb, and contact us today to get started or to see real estate property for sale in person!

Guests Want Amenities

Pool? Complimentary breakfast? Gym? Mattresses that feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? What are you bringing to the table? You need something to differentiate yourself from all other hotels and the other Airbnbs out there, and there’s no better place to start than with including great amenities that your guests want. Airbnbs may be able to offer hot coffee in the morning, along with other amenities, but they simply don’t have the space to offer what you can.

Guests Want Authenticity

A big reason why guests are turning more and more to Airbnb is because they want a place during their travel that feels authentic. This could mean you change up decor from room to room or you include decor, styles, and more from the local area. Guests no longer want to explore during the day and then go to a boring, could-be-located-anywhere hotel. Instead, they want a unique experience that’s authentic to the area — and you can provide that.

Guests Want A Prime Location

Are you located beachside in Florida? Are you right next to Walt Disney World Resort or another popular Florida attraction? Guests are looking for a location that will let them be right next to the action — whether that’s next to the beach, next to an attraction, or simply right in the middle of downtown so they can easily explore during their vacation. If you find a hotel for sale that you love but it’s not in a great location, then you most likely won’t get a great return on your investment.

Guests Want A Deal

The price point is still important for many travelers, but many will now sacrifice cost in order to meet other expectations on this list. To truly set yourself apart, offer as much from this list as you can while making their stay affordable at the same time.

Find Real Estate Property For Sale In Florida Today

When you choose UNIQUE Florida Properties, we’ll work tirelessly to help you find the hotel for sale that has your name on it. Airbnb presents new, unique challenges to the hotel industry — but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. Contact us today to get started and browse real estate property for sale.