When you think about big purchases you’ll make during your lifetime, it’s probably narrowed down to a few key purchases: a college education, a car, and a home. There are, of course, many other large purchases that will come up, but these are the main ones.

Chances are high that commercial real estate will be more expensive than any of those purchases — and it will take an expert to help you sell it. Here at UNIQUE Florida Properties, we are a real estate brokerage that can help you with commercial real estate listings so that you can sell your property and reach your goals. Read below to learn three things you should know to always look for when working with a real estate brokerage, and contact UNIQUE Florida Properties to get started and list a property for sale.


You don’t want to hit it off with your local real estate broker and come up with lots of plans — and then not hear from them for a week or more. Make it a priority to find a real estate brokerage in Florida that will always be there for you. When you first meet with them, see if they respond to emails or phone calls or return missed messages promptly. These may seem like minor details, but it’s an indication of how dependable they’ll be over time.


What’s their online presence look like? Do you have friends, family, or coworkers who have experience working with this real estate brokerage? One bad review isn’t necessarily a reason to find a different real estate broker for your commercial property — but it could be. Check out their online presence and testimonials to see if they consistently address a problem with the company, as this could be a red flag. When you meet with the brokerage firm to list a property for sale, you could also ask them for references.


Your real estate brokerage should have experience in selling commercial real estate of course — but the commercial brokers who work there should also have experience with properties similar to yours. For example, if you’re selling a gas station in Florida, you most likely wouldn’t want to work with a commercial broker who is an expert in selling hotels — but has never sold a gas station. This can help ensure you have a successful sale of your commercial property and that you’re with the right real estate brokerage for your needs.

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Here in Florida, you can rely on UNIQUE Florida Properties when you need to list a property for sale. We manage commercial real estate listings throughout the state, including for office spaces, industrial buildings, retail properties, hotel properties, multi-family properties, gas stations, and more. Commercial real estate is a nuanced field that requires expertise — and our real estate brokerage has the expertise you’re looking for. Contact us today to list your property for sale.