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  1. 5 Ways To Get Business Loans For Property

    Browsing real estate property for sale and visualizing your dreams is fun and even important. It’s also important, however, to research business loans for property and make sure you can financially make your dreams happen. Real estate property for sale is never cheap, especially here in Florida where the market is so competitive. To make commercial real estate a reality for you, you’ll need a …Read More

  2. Why Gas Stations Are Lucrative Real Estate Opportunities

    Are you thinking about getting into Florida commercial real estate? We don’t blame you! The market is rich and you could make your dreams of being a business owner come true at last. To help you get there, browsing real estate property for sale isn’t the best way. While this can be inspiring, you’ll need a team behind you to help you succeed. Here at UNIQUE Florida Properties, we’re the re…Read More

  3. Growing A Hotel Business In The Age Of Airbnb

    It can sometimes seem like the sharing economy is taking over everything: from hotels to taxis to food delivery, the sharing economy has offered Airbnb, ride sharing, simplified deliveries, and more. While hotels are still immensely popular, Airbnb has certainly taken a portion of the market with its sharing economy model. Now consumers can simply hop online and reserve a spot in someone’s home,…Read More

  4. 4 Things To Look For In A Hotel Acquisition

    Here in Florida, there are plenty of opportunities for business growth. As a top destination for tourists from all over the world, Florida is uniquely situated for you to grow in the hotel industry — a fun and lucrative industry. If you’re looking at hotels for sale in Florida or other real estate property for sale in order to accomplish your business dreams, then UNIQUE Florida properties can…Read More

  5. Why Gas Stations Are Great Properties to Invest in

    When people think about investing in a property, they rarely think about gas stations. It’s unfortunate that this is the case because gas stations are an absolutely incredible property to invest in when you have the chance. Here at UNIQUE Florida Properties, we’ve been able to find the individuals interested in investing in a gas station with the right building for their needs. Are you conside…Read More

  6. Benefits of Investing in a Hotel

    When you’re looking to build financial security investments are one of the best options to take advantage of. While the stock market is a common way for people to make investments, there are plenty of other investments that you can turn to as a source of income. Here at UNIQUE Florida Properties, we work diligently to find the right properties for individuals looking to make investments. If you…Read More

  7. This Is The Busiest Season For Hotels In Florida — Are You Prepared?

    Spring break is going to be here in just a couple of months That means that schools across the nation will release their students of the tedious classwork and stress that they have become accustomed to. It’s at this time of the year that students and their families begin to head to the warmer parts of the country to enjoy some time on the beach and some much-needed sunshine. As a property invest…Read More

  8. Factors That Contribute to a Hotel’s Success

    The hospitality industry has been around for as long as many of us can remember. The one consistent thing amongst hotels is that they strive to provide a comfortable stay for their guests. There are, however, plenty of ways that hotel chains and different investment properties differ. A majority of the time, it’s these differences that make the hotel unique and a desirable place to stay at. Whet…Read More

  9. Things First Time Hotel Owners Should Know

    UNIQUE Florida Properties is happy to assist individuals looking to purchase investment property find the right building and fit. One of the many areas that we specialize in is the hospitality industry. Hotels are a fantastic investment, especially here in Florida. Not only is there a consistent flow of tourists in the area, but hotels are one of the best property investment options available. If …Read More

  10. Trends Changing The Hospitality Industry in 2019

    The more that technology advances and society changes, the more we see industries change. The hospitality industry is no different. In 2019 there are a few trends that we can count on seeing affect the hospitality industry and, as a hotel owner, you want to make sure that you’re on top of them. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the trends that you should be prepared to not onl…Read More