1. 5 Ways To Get Business Loans For Property

    Browsing real estate property for sale and visualizing your dreams is fun and even important. It’s also important, however, to research business loans for property and make sure you can financially make your dreams happen. Real estate property for sale is never cheap, especially here in Florida where the market is so competitive. To make commercial real estate a reality for you, you’ll need a …Read More

  2. 5 Reasons You May Want To Sell Your Commercial Property

    You’ve loved your commercial property. Whether it was a hotel, gas station, strip mall, or apartment complex, you put a lot of work into it over the years — and it was a good financial decision that paid off. Now, however, could be the right time to sell. By working with a Florida real estate brokerage to list a property for sale, you could get your last bit of financial advantage out of your …Read More

  3. What To Look For In A Real Estate Brokerage

    When you think about big purchases you’ll make during your lifetime, it’s probably narrowed down to a few key purchases: a college education, a car, and a home. There are, of course, many other large purchases that will come up, but these are the main ones. Chances are high that commercial real estate will be more expensive than any of those purchases — and it will take an expert to help you…Read More

  4. 5 Commercial Properties We Can Help You Sell

    Listing a property for sale isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Sure, it really only requires you uploading some photos and providing information — but you want to follow through to ensure it sells. When it comes to commercial real estate, selling can sometimes be more difficult because it takes a lot of money, great timing, and an ideal location. That’s where our real estate brokerage, UNI…Read More

  5. Steps to Take Before Selling Your Commercial Building

    Choosing to invest in commercial property is a big job. It takes years of hard work, soul, and dedication to make the commercial building that you’ve purchased, everything you dream of. When the time comes for you to put this commercial building on the market, the last thing that you want is for the process to be messy or stressful. In those cases, you can count on the team at UNIQUE Florida Pro…Read More

  6. Why Gas Stations Are Great Properties to Invest in

    When people think about investing in a property, they rarely think about gas stations. It’s unfortunate that this is the case because gas stations are an absolutely incredible property to invest in when you have the chance. Here at UNIQUE Florida Properties, we’ve been able to find the individuals interested in investing in a gas station with the right building for their needs. Are you conside…Read More

  7. Classifications for Multi-Family Properties

    In the last couple of blogs, we have touched quite a bit on the different classifications for some of the most common types of investment properties. Today is going to be the very last blog of the series, and we are going to be covering the different classifications of multi-family properties. These buildings are some large properties, and here in Florida, they come in all different shapes and siz…Read More

  8. Classifications for Hotel Properties

    The hospitality industry is one that is entirely worth investing in. Not only are these properties lucrative investments, but they’re properties that you know have the opportunity of becoming a family heirloom. Whether you’re considering putting a hotel that you’ve invested in on the market, or you’re considering purchasing a hotel as an investment property, it’s good to know the differe…Read More

  9. Classifications of a Retail Property

    Retail is one of the common types of commercial properties that wind up on the market. Whether it’s because a business has gone bankrupt or they're simply closing their doors, these properties are all over the country, and they have plenty to offer. By basic definition, retail properties are the buildings that house some of the most popular stores and restaurants known to our society. Many of th…Read More

  10. Classifications for Industrial Buildings

    The typical image that comes to mind when someone thinks about an industrial building is a big, open space. There are usually very few rooms inside of these buildings, and that’s because they’re often intended for big projects and big equipment. Whether you’re considering placing an industrial building on the market or you’re interested in purchasing an industrial building, you need to be …Read More